Meeting venue - Leipzig


After the Annual Meeting 2011 held in Leipzig

at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig (Germany)

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In 2011 the SVEPM-Conference was held at KUBUS Conference Centre ( in the city of Leipzig, which is located in Bundesland Saxony, in Germany. The conference retained the usual popular format, including a number of inspiring workshops and two invited plenary lectures to open and close the scientific programme. For the first time, SVEPM was offering conference bursary for attending the SVEPM conference which were awarded to:

Carla Gomes
Annamaria Nagy
Kathrin Schemann

Sessions (see also ---> Programme 2011):
  • Opening Plenary Lecture - D.Mellor
    "The trouble with epidemiology: the tyranny of numbers"
  • 1 Social Science
  • 2 Multivariable Methods
  • 3 Open Session
  • 4 Dynamic Modelling
  • 5 Epidemiological Tools
  • 6 Network Modelling
  • 7 Science and Policy
  • 8 Evaluation of Control Methods
  • Gareth Davies Lecture - K. Schwabenbauer
    "From science to policy - the case of classical swine fever control"

Poster ---> Repository

Workshop Abstracts
  • Workshop 4: --> Cancelled

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